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About Us

The School Day

We are committed to ensuring that all students benefit from the opportunities available at Hambrook Primary School. Our expectation is that all students arrive on time and attend regularly that is - every day that the school is open unless there is an unavoidable reason for not doing so. We ask all new and existing parents and carers to read our attendance policy (found on the policy page on our website).

Start of the school day

  • The school gates open at 8.40am, all pupils are warmly welcomed into school by staff on the gate. Parents drop their children at the school gates.
  • 8.50am Our school bell rings to signal the start of the school day. All children are expected to be in their classroom when the bell rings. This is when the school day officially begins. 
  • 8.50am School gates are closed. Children arriving after this time are coded as L (late) and will need to go through the Main Office.
  • 9.00am Children arriving after 9am will be marked as U (unauthorised) in the school register.

End of the school day

       All pupils finish school at 3.20pm. Parents are welcomed to come into the playground at the end             of the day to collect their children.

Contact Us

Hambrook Primary School, Moorend Road, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1SJ
0117 9568933